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If you are a big NBA fan, but because of the time difference or other issues you can’t watch games live, then you probably often ask yourself a very simple question:


Okay, which game was really worth watching?


Some time ago the NBA introduced the “Hide scores” option, so you can watch the game without knowing the result and have (almost) the same emotions guaranteed. However, it is still unclear which games were fierce, which were at a very high level or simply which one was the most worth watching.

I find it even more difficult as I don’t support any particular team. I just like watching good games and supporting various teams and players. So for a long time I was hoping that the NBA would introduce some kind of a game ranking for a day. But recently, rather than waiting for that, I actually made this ranking by myself. It is created every day automatically. The algorithm takes into account several factors such as: closeness of the result, teams standings and how close they are to each other, was there overtime in the game, etc. Each game is rated on a scale from 0 (the worst) to 100 (the best), and then a ranking of games from that day is created. Below you will find this ranking for yesterday and the day before yesterday. It’s updated on a daily basis.

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Games from yesterday*:

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Follow the @NBAGamesRanked profile on Twitter, where I daily publish the ranking of games from yesterday.

Games from a day before yesterday:

VisitorHostSCORE: 0 - 100Stars

The stars assigned to each game are self-explanatory. If you’re wondering what the numbers next to them mean, here’s a hint:

  • Games with scores below 30 are usually fairly average. Most often they end up with one team outscoring another by a large margin.
  • Games rated between 30 and 45 points can already be entertaining. If your favorite team is playing in such a game, then maybe it’s worth watching.
  • Games with ratings from 46 to 65 are probably very good and close, with teams ranked high or close to each other in standings.
  • All games over 65 points are a must-see.

*The list contains the games that have already been finished and processed by the algorithm. There will be no games that are still ongoing or have ended a few or several minutes ago. If you look for a particular game, please visit my website about an hour after it ends. And the best solution is to follow me on Twitter.

My site does not contain any ads, I pay for the hosting by myself, and the software was done in my free time, so if you like it, please recommend it to your friends. If you have questions / comments, you can contact me, but unfortunately I do not accept complaints 😉