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Szymon Manduk - machine learning / computer vision engineer and managerAI will transform the world more significantly than the industrial revolution. It will impact numerous critical aspects of both our professional and personal lives, revolutionizing sectors such as production, transportation, healthcare, education, media, entertainment, finance, and many others. This technology will alter how we produce, purchase, and utilize goods. This was my prediction in 2018 when I first delved into AI, and it continues to hold true.

My name is Szymon Manduk. I am a machine learning engineer, manager and independent AI consultant. I’m a graduate of computer science at the West Pomeranian University of Technology and MBA studies at the West Pomeranian Business School.

My personal mission is to “Translate AI breakthroughs into practical solutions that drive innovation and growth.” With over two decades in software development in technical and managerial roles, I now focus on leveraging the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence to create impactful, innovative solutions for businesses across various industries. My approach combines cutting-edge technological expertise with strategic business acumen, aiming to transform how organizations leverage AI for competitive advantage.

Sharing knowledge with others has always been my strength. Hence the idea for running this blog, which – I hope – will help someone to take their first steps in the exciting field of AI and machine learning, and at the same time give me great satisfaction in creating something valuable and technical.