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Szymon Manduk - machine learning / computer vision engineer and managerAI will change the world more than the industrial revolution. It will affect many key areas of our professional and private life, transforming production, transport, health care, education, media, entertainment, finance and many other fields. It will change the way we produce, buy and use goods. Do you want to be part of this revolution, taking an active role in its creation?

My name is Szymon Manduk. I am a machine learning / computer vision engineer and manager with 25 years of experience in implementing IT solutions. A graduate of computer science at the West Pomeranian University of Technology and MBA studies at the West Pomeranian Business School. I work at Profi-Data, where I head up the software development department, and as a member of the board I take part in creating strategy, building and maintaining relationships with the company’s clients and also manage day-to-day operations. I believe that the strongest suit of Profi-Data are people – competent, reliable, open to cooperation and new interesting challenges. If you are looking for a skilled and trustworthy partner for an IT project, please contact me.

My interests are artificial intelligence with focus on the computer vision, blockchain technology, game of basketball and financial markets. I always felt good as a teacher as well, which my teenage son regretted many times. 😉

Sharing knowledge with others has always been my strength. Hence the idea for running this blog, which – I hope – will help someone to take their first steps in the exciting field of AI and machine learning, and at the same time give me great satisfaction in creating something valuable and deeply technical.

I invite you to read my blog and study!

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